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Wood bonding

47850805_3Bonding of wood - the connection of wood and wood-based materials using adhesives and adhesive films. The main condition is the strength of gluing wood laminated products, which must be greater than the strength of materials to be bonded by adhesive bonding, is the interaction of adhesive and wood.

There are gluing solid wood; Bonding MDF and wood-based panels, which in combination with each other is called banding.

By gluing or splicing of wood along the length of the resulting articles - floorboards, baseboards, trims, handrails. Bonding wood is one of the methods of rational use of wood, as it allows to process short-length and low-grade lumber. The compound timber length can be processed smoothly at the butt ends, to "mustache" on the gear stud in tongue and groove, in the quarter, on the rail, in the form of a wedge (wedge). The most commonly used compounds of the first three.