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In 2004 "Ekolin and Co" JV appeared in the village Ubolote Logoisk district, Minsk region. In 2011 JV "Ekolin and Co" was transformed into  "Ekolin and Co" LLC. In 2013 it was opened another company "EkolinPlus", focused on the development of new trends in wood.

The name of the organization was not chosen by chance, the name "Ekolin" comes from the phrase "ecological line." The company was created under the government's program of energy saving and production of new types of alternative biofuels.

Company group Ecolin and Co. LLC and EcolinPlus LLC engaged in processing waste products from wood to produce wood fuel granules (pellets). This type of fuel is used as in the domestic market and abroad.

Сompanies also involved in the production of sawn timber, round wood products and decorative wood chips.
Over the years the company has gained extensive experience in the processing of wood. Made over the years illustrate the proposals from reputable partners in the face of public and private firms.

Today "Ekolin and K" - a reputable company, always on time and efficiently to fulfill its obligations, solid and reliable partner in the field of wood processing.