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6 Wooden stairs - without them it is impossible to do in any multi-level home: with it you can safely, with maximum comfort to move from one floor to the next.

We precisely realize all the wishes of the customer and produce stairs from budget options to premium.

In developing future stair design should take into account all the details and decorative elements. Installation of stairs are produced strictly according to plan, as even a small mistake can lead to the fact that the ladder will not sustain load, and it will lead to the destruction of the entire structure. Production of stairs any design, first of all, depends on the purpose: if you want to save space, the best option would be a spiral staircase. If this problem is not worth it, pay attention to the FLOATING.

Stairs manufacturer engaged experienced craftsmen, so that our work have the best technical and operational characteristics.

Do you need a modern, beautiful and comfortable ladder cottage, holiday home or baths?

Call us or leave a request on the measurement - we will make you a ladder at your request.
Our experts will advise you on all issues.