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Wooden floor

7 The floor in the house is considered one of the most important elements of any home. Therefore, it is no coincidence, he "eats" almost half of the budget intended for repairs. If you want to ensure your home is warm and comfortable, pleasant and natural feel to the touch floor texture, do it from a tree on joists

Wood flooring can be of several types: it may be a traditional parquet (both simple and artistic), and solid wood and parquet - it is also a wooden floor as well as the usual floor board - the most simple real wood floor for country houses.

Wooden flooring is the perfect solution for private houses, country houses, cottages, holiday homes, holiday homes and other buildings. A well-laid wood floor serves for a long time, beautiful and aesthetic, has many advantages (warm, eco-friendly, beautiful), does not creak when walking, repairable, easy to care for him. Not so long ago had a fascination with synthetic floor coverings, but experience has shown that there is nothing better and more environmentally friendly than floor coverings made of wood. Wood flooring is not only the best floor in a wooden house and wooden floors in the country, but the flooring in your apartment.