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5 Modern wood windows have not only a practical function, protecting it from the vagaries of nature for many years, but also aesthetic, often becoming an interior basis.

Improvement of the process and the latest developments in the field of glass raised the quality of wooden windows to a new level, allowing them to be in operation for up to one hundred years. Today, the windows are made with special technology that provides structural strength during operation, namely from a special laminated veneer lumber.

High product quality is ensured by working with original accessories and consumables, relevant not only to the necessary industry standards, but also the recommendations of Western technology. Precise observance of all stages of warm windows technology gives tangible results. Our products are highly appreciated not only by consumers but also by experts.

Our experience and professionalism allows to realize complex projects Glazing country houses and city apartments. Our range of services is extensive - from the departure expert on measurement and ending with the final assembly of ordered structures you. The professionals of our company not only manufacture products to order, and install wooden windows with double glazing "turnkey", quickly and efficiently.